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A sunset view from the UFO

with Lucia Drenkova, RDS Company by Riverpark Dance School 


Night at Saint Martin's church, praying for peace

with Petra Mrkvova and Michaela Patakova


Cunovo lake

with Yana C and Eshe Halabrinova


At the Eurovea River Promenade

with Lucia Drenkova, RDS Company by Riverpark Dance School
 and Kristina Misechova, Simpatico Agency


Back to the Soviet period: Freedom square (Namestie slobody) and the national radio building

with Veronika Palkova


At the old city wall

with Michaela Patakova


A walk in the Presidential Palace Garden

with Sandra Urbanova


At Elesko wine factory

with Lujza Bundova, Slovak National Ballet


A moment of stillness

with Petra Mrkvova and Sona Stachova


Bratislava night life

with Sona Stachova


The castle of Devin

with Ivana Suchankova


A walk in the old city

with Lucia Drenkova, RDS Company by Riverpark Dance School

with Petra Mrkvova and Sona Stachova, Simpatico Agency


At the river banks

with Sandra Urbanova


A the Stary Most, the Old Bridge

with Veronika Palkova


From Slavin Memorial to the Bratislava castle

with Sandra Urbanova and Noemi Vyhlidalova


Around Main Square

with Sabina Zekyte and Nikola Skrekucka, Academy of Performing Arts


Museum of Transport

with Kristina Michalkova, RDS Company by Riverpark Dance School


Visiting the Academy of Performing Arts

with Zuzana Naprstkova and Veronika Palkova


Cinderella at Kempinski

with Lucia Drenkova, RDS Company by Riverpark Dance School 


These images have been realised with the wonderful assistance of

- dancers: Lucia Drenkova, Kristina Michalkova, Michal Pribylinec (RDS Company by Riverpark Dance School)
                   Sabina Zekyte, Nikola Skrekucka, Zuzana Naprstkova, Veronika Palkova (Academy of Performing Arts)
                   Sandra Urbanova, Noemi Vyhlidalova 
                   Petra Mrkvova, Sona Stachova, Michaela Patakova, Kristina Misechova (Simpatico
                   Ivana Suchankova
                   Lujza Bundova (Slovak National Ballet
                   Yana C and Eshe Halabrinova 

- choreographer Veronika Dragonidesova (Academy of Performing Arts)

- special access and locations: Kempinski Hotel River Park Bratislava (Gerald Haberhauer and Elena Pancikova)

                   Frantisek Stano (Bratislava Tourist Board)

- assistance, logistics, making off:
                   Lenka Hankerova, Maria Malecka (Riverpark Dance School)  
                   my Nikonian friends  Bo Stahlbrandt and Kristina Ness
                   my 3x3x3 friends Martin Vrabko and Lucia Pajszerova
                   Inge of Ritmik for some of the dresses
                   Maros Macuha (Simpatico
                   Adam Galambos 

A big thank you to all of you!