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Snow. When I see it, feel it, smell it, my senses get sharpened, I start smiling and being inspired. 

I love the sound when you walk on it, I love the brightness it brings in winter. I also love the feeling of sliding, especially on skis. But that's another story.


In Flanders, it hardly snows. We have this fantastic Atlantic climate, with loooots of rain in winter, and temperatures just above freezing point. And when it snows, it usually quickly melts. So when snow is expected, I start asking my models who is volunteering. Most aren't, to be honest. But quite a few, and more than I in fact expect, are curious enough to try it. And nowadays tools like Facebook are extremely useful. And a photography studying niece with a lot of friends.


Nude sessions in the snow must be well prepared. You just have a few minutes to take your images. You need to know the location, or at least be quick and decisive, and have a idea in mind. Letting the inspiration of the moment lead the session, may take too much time. Wandering around with your still well dressed model always helps.


All models find out that skin contact with cold air, isn't too hard to bear. It are the bodyparts that directly touch the snow, which start complaining first. Feet, hands, bums, bellies or backs are quickly freezing... You have between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, time to just fine tune one image.


After the session, with a hot drink, the girls all proudly say: "I did it!". And several of them go for a second or even third round. Brrrrr!


I'll upload some more images in this gallery during the coming days.